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by Charles Weber

These articles originally appeared in the "Rays from the Rose Cross" Magazine, issue published by the Rosicrucian Fellowship, and is reprinted  here with permission of the author .                                   


The Mystic and Occult in  Max Heindelís Writings

Rosicrucianism and Christianity

Dying and Becoming

Trinitarian God in the Gospel of St. John

The Occult Effect of Certain Foods

Eating Meat: Some Esoteric Considerations

The Peshitta: A New Look at an Old Book

The Triumph of Light

 Symbolism Is Our Source of Knowledge  by C.W.


The following is an  interesting essay which has never  issued in print  form

Heindel-Steiner Connection



The autor is a veteran Rosicrucian Fellowship Member, Well known Probationist, Lecturer, Writer and Editor of  RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS, a Christian Esoteric Magazine, estabilished by Max Heindel in June, 1913 and printed and published by The Rosicrucian Fellowship.






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